08 February, 2016


My India is a paradox. It is mysterious, perplexing, confusing, and mesmerizing all at once.
Indian men practice some of the most obnoxious practices against women: sati, dowry, female foeticide, polygamy, hijab, denial to religious places etc. Yet it elevated women to to divinity with much revered Goddesses on its pantheon. Its most famous PM and some of its famous CMs have been women. Queens in the past and heroines, politicians and industrialists today convey the illusion of equality.
For centuries India persecuted the Dalits demeaningly but the chief authorship of its most significant and monumental document, its constitution, was entrusted to a Dalit. Vast sections of its Hindu population still harbour notions of purity and practice disguised untouchability, but the same nation offers substantial reservations as state's affirmative policy.
Significant sections of India's Hindu society are currently biased against Muslims. There is wide intolerance and apartheid. Ghettoization is on the rise. Yet, the nations best darlings are three Khans - and not just of the Ganesh-worshipping variety but also of Insha-Allah flaunting one. And a Tennis ace who married a Pakistani. Several of its accomplished Hindu musicians most sincerely respect Muslim Ustads. Taj Mahal remains its most protected historic monument. Truly cultured Hindus take pride in befriending cultured Muslims.
India ousted the only significant native world class religion, Budhism, out of its territory. But it immortalized the champion of Budhism, a convert from the Hindu community, Ashoka, with his insignia being adopted as the nation's icon. To an outsider, Budhism, and not Hinduism, may appear the state religion.
An engaging enigma, a bewitchingly beautiful land, a hatefully lovable people who cannot rest without riots, and who cannot let the rioters break the bonds forever, the land with the most billionaires in South Asia, and arguably with the largest number of beggars around... this is My India, my motherland.

Please add more dimensions to its mysteries and share if you wish.

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