27 March, 2016


Although a large number of Europeans and Americans have a very fair and respectful view of the people of the world, there are those that allege that no good can be done by the non Euro-US people.
Particularly, when it comes to humane traits such as civility, Catholicism, philanthropy, chivalry, fair-sense etc these self-centred sections tend to dismiss the Africans, Asians, Latinos as not worthy of making any significant contributions in these areas
Therefore, it pleases us to review that an Afro-Asian president of the United States turned out to be as good as any white. A 'family man', a patriot, a capable and audacious administrator, an adroit politician, and a trustable global statesman, Barack #Obama can go down in history as an admired president.
An equally significant position, viz, that of the Pope of the Catholic Church, is also occupied by an 'outsider'. The Argentinian sovereign of the Church, Pope #Francis, has already created a niche as a global peacemaker. His outreaches have ushered in international break-throughs and promoted peace and understanding in the world. In a world rapidly losing faith in faith he worked to restore it through his compassionate understanding of diversity. He would be particularly remembered for 'modernizing' and 'humanizing' Christianity.

Both these have outdone many of their 'White' predecessors, thus correcting the perception of the White Supremacists. Kudos to their tribe!

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