31 May, 2016


Found this lying in a chest:
[Sunday, 02 June 2013 - Random 10-minute thoughts]
There are times
When I ask myself
If unselfishness is akin
To foolishness
For, most smart men
For long periods of time
Seem pretty focused
On their selfish pursuits
Unmindful of needs galore
There are times 
When I ask myself
If I am deluding me.
Living in illusory 
Castles of self-grandeur,
By foregoing things
Men in humbler existence
Claim as of right.
Times there are 
When I ask 
If nature, by nature,
Is unjust, dictatorial, hierarchical.
Equity and Fairplay, I ask,
Are alien to our universe.
Not that I am so tired
And so frustrated 
That I see no hope.
But doubtful of my method I get
When I notice the untiring
Pursuit of pleasures of self
By so many, for so long
Virtually all around.

Pray tell me, someone
If social work 
Merits your approbation
Beyond homilies
And lip sympathies,
Pray, do tell.

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