21 June, 2016


"The Muslims of Germany took out a mass rally through Berlin condemning the dastardly attack by a suspected Tunisian Muslim asylum seeker. The rally attended by nearly 75% of German Muslims, demanded strict punishment to all wrong-doers and exhorted the community and the imams to help the govt weed out such extremists unhesitatingly."
But, alas, such a thing did NOT happen.
Guess, what, if someone, somewhere in the solar system, had been suspected of remotely desecrating something sacred to Islam, the gatherings and the protests would have been vociferous.
This devaluation of human life, this selfishness, this hypocrisy of the Muslims is costing Muslims globally very dearly.

Wrong-doers, terrorists, rapists... will be there, in every community, always. The death of the #Right-Doers is what ails the Muslims. Ponder, my friends. Deeply ponder.

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