26 September, 2016


Q - Why are most Muslims of today generally backward globally?
A – Because their religion is rigid, conservative
Q – So what about Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism?
A – May be the Muslims are more fundamentalist, i.e. they adhere to faith more than to reason
Q – Then what about the Jains and the Sikhs, for example, who virtually wear their religion on?
A – Then you tell why?
Q – Don’t know. But, may be, there are far too few daring, secular liberals amongst Muslims. May be others tolerate their dissenters more than do the Muslims theirs. Therefore, the overall impression appears to be that of an intolerant, conservative, fundamentalist community. And this has a cascading effect, leading to backwardness.
A – But, then, why are there too few liberals amongst Muslims? Why do they tolerate dissent too less?
Q – Yes, I see that. We are back to square one. May be Muslims were the most colonized lot collectively in the recent past and we are witnessing the churning of a newly-liberated people. May be in time they will level up and match up with the rest of progressive communities. 
A – May be.

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