19 September, 2016


Yes, some of them are terrorists. Yes, some anti-national, and yes, some with criminal persuasion. But jot down the names of ALL the Muslims you know and count out those with such background. Please now repeat this exercise for your Hindu friends.
What? You don’t have Muslim friends, you don’t know some personally. You mean no friends from out of those 1.7 billion? Doesn’t that make you scaringly ignorant, arrogant, disconnected? Are you then qualified to have an opinion about them at all?
Look, if you study them honestly you are unlikely to find them any more fanatical, anti-national, anti-social than any in a matching socio-cultural stratum. Then why punish them specially? Why not help correct the perception, instead?
More, they are the children of a tormented history, victims of discrimination born partly of our painful legacy and partly of prejudice. A number of circumstances have convoluted to wean them away from you. Reclaim them. Reach out to them. Think of those lovely Muslim children that harbor lovelier and loftier dreams for India, and their role in it, but suffer THE OTHERness every so often. They could be yours. You could be them. Would you like to see your child suffer this ignominy, for no fault of hers?
Civility is about fair-play, about rising above mediocrity of prejudice and hate
Time you reached out to some and promises them a future of justice and hope. Perhaps buy a Muslim child a toy, an adult a book and treat an acquaintance to a lunch. Break the ice. You will be surprised they are far better than you thought they are.
And they are very likely to reciprocate.
Thus together you make India a more peaceable, livable and lovable place. Help harness the goodwill and dedication of 180 million Muslims towards nation-building more vigorously.

And share – if you care.

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