03 November, 2016


It is good business: 'rapid-fire' career path for the police, assured seat for the political contestant, sure votes for the candidate, some sensational coverage driven TRPs for the media and lots of spicy rumour mongering for the biased Whatsapp-ians and Facebookers.
But in the process an innocent - or at least a non-convict - is slaughtered. His family is ruined. His friends are rendered distraught frightful. Fear replaces hope. Frustration reigns supreme.
But every once in a while a head-strong one questions this. He is enraged at the brutal violation of his right to live.
Pushed to the wall, and in the face of such unceremonious death, he rises from the ash of despair with a flame of rage. He is readily lapped up by the extremists on the other side of the fence. And a terrorist is unmistakably born.

And other innocents fall. This time to the civilian terrorist.

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