31 December, 2016

Miscellanea [01 Oct. 2016 - 31 Dec. 2016]

I still believe that the Modi Govt did not lie on the so-called #surgical strikes against Pakistan, nor did it get the #Army to fake these and lie to the nation.
A lot of inconvenient information, unfortunately, is emerging on credible international media, raising doubts on the veracity of the version handed out to the nation. I hope that the anomaly results only from the fact that the GoI is handicapped for strategic reasons.
If, however, it is later discovered that the Government lied to the nation, I will be mighty pained and deeply worried. Pained because defense is one area where even the die-hard politicians would not to politics. And because I also took some steps in my own life and made tiny sacrifices. And worried because Army is one institution that is regarded far too professional to play politics with such matters.
And the ruling dispensation will then lose all credibility with the thinking people of India.

If #Pakistan proposes truce talks and peace, even if pretending that our surgical strikes did not take place, I think that is great. We should welcome and respond positively. By doing so, we win on both counts.
In such a climate the opposition should drop its demand for evidence of surgical strikes, and the GoI should ignore making that info public.
Ultimately shouldn't the checking of terrorism and promoting peace be our collective endeavour?

How Far The World Has Yet To Go To Be Fair
Just when women require the utmost care they are turned out. And this happens almost everywhere where women do not command economic and educational status.
Genuine Empowerment - and not feminism [unless they both mean the same!] - is what is needed. As is the case with all vulnerable sections like the Muslims, the Dalits et al,

Our emphasis unfortunately has been on producing degree-holders - a case of quantity at the cost of quality - rather than educating our young. We also let our teaching become commercialized.
Being on some selection panels, I am pained to see the pathetic standard of our "educated".

We fruitlessly convert potentially good plumbers into pathetically bad programmers!

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