17 December, 2016


It will be dishonest not to agree that Modi's speech today in the #Rajya Sabha stood out as visionary and statesmanlike.
Yes, he chose his data cleverly. Yes, the progress sheet of performance he posted is selective and isn't as rosy. But overall he did present a sensible macro view of governance and its direction.
Many of his claims - unless proved wholly untrue - do indicate a sense of direction and commitment. For instance, his intention to serve and empower about 5 crore isolated, disorganized, small service providers, who indirectly engage with another 6 crore such people, made good sense.
His assurance to protect all commitments made to J&K in 'letter and spirit' should assuage Kashmiri's apprehensions a little.
All in all this speech was a good note for closure of current session of the Rajya Sabha.

The opposition in general - and the Congress in particular - should reflect why they couldn't produce a speaker to match Modi's performance.

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