15 December, 2016


Read the identically numbered points in Part-A and Part-B, alternately, and not as a continuous narrative.
We must admire Modi govt in general, and Narendra Modi in particular for
1- maintaining total secrecy about the massive exercise
2- taking such a daring initiaitve that has completely shaken the nation unlike anything ever before. 
3- including the challenges of black money, digital economy, plastic currency, and now enlarging the tax net - all in one grand swell move
4- coming up with as many as 55 executive orders to alleviate people's suffering in 37 days
5- keeping the confidence and trust of 1.2 billion people who patiently endorse the PM's sincere push
Modi Govt, in general, and Narendra Modi in particular, should be rapped on the knuckles for 
1- not trusting even PM's close allies and engaging in wide consultation
2- acting in such a Quixotic / Tughlakhic fashion pushing the nation to the brink of economic catastrophe
3- in nervous reaction, shifting goal posts from black money to digital economy, plastic currency and now to enlarging tax net
4- not thinkingh through the move in advance and plan the relief measures as a package, but acting in a knee-jerk fashion
5- misusing the nation's trust, and compelling crores of innocent Indians to humiliatingly stand in unending queues to exchange and draw their own white money
Now, notice that both the narratives essentially mean the same thing. However, how you describe them depends upon where you stand: with him or against him.
But all will ultimately culminate into a good feeling or bad feeling depending upon the visible outcome discernible in the coming weeks. Otherwise the narratives will become stridently contradictory:
A- brightening the prospect of an economic upturn and unleashing the potential of honest Indians
B- decisively pushing out the marginal Indians out of the economic cycle and seriously threatening the growth story that India was steadily becoming

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