07 December, 2016


Here are some situations that raise profound questions of morality. Your take on any of these? 

1. Sharad Powar, as Maharashtra's Chief Minister falsely named two Muslim localities as additional targets of the infamous Bombay Blasts, in the heat of the moment, to calm potential Hindu tempers. Discuss his falsehood.
2. A Govt entices people to park their demonetized money in banks indicating it would be tax-exempt and then, after they did so, it announces a 50% levy. Discuss govt's deceptive act
3. Modi asks people whose Jan Dhan accounts were used to channelize demonetized currency, not to return cash to their owners regardless of their mutual trust and nature of relationship. Discuss the conflict of illegality versus personal trust
4. A fictional leader has a lofty vision for the nation's empowerment, which he can only execute if he has absolute power. To reach there, however, he needs some bloodshed to polarize voters and be swept to power, which he then uses for larger good. Discuss the strategy of that fictional leader
5. A powerful public icon, a star suddenly dies creating distinct possibility of a mass hysteria leading to widespread violence. A writer crafts a potentially useful appeal for peace attributing it to the dead icon. Discuss the writer's conduct.
6. X speaks ill of Y to Z. Z feels that a little ice breaking between them could foster their friendship, and, instead tells Y that X praised him. Discuss Z's lie.

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