28 December, 2016


If Quan and Hadith mean what ISIS and al-Qaeda tell us they do, then earlier Muslims should also have interpreted them the same way as these murderers do. Which begets the question how did Muslims produce Akbar, Amir Khusroo, Roomi, Mansoor, Haroon Rasheed; how did their civilization expand, produce Taj Mahal, ghazal, music, Sufism, women rulers?
Could it be that the decay is attributable to:
- genuine reaction to persecution carried out by imperialists and colonialists directly or through the legacy of their misrule?
- Muslims' inability to adopt to rapidly changing conditions, specially post industrial revolution?
- globally rapidly rising materialism and temporalism which inhibits space for faith and concerns of hereafter, leading to collapse of dialogue and failure to appreciate the Muslim dilemma?
- abandoning of religion by the Muslim intelligentsia, leaving Islam to the ill informed clergy?
- inherent inability of Islam to coup with later advances of science and technology?

I invite serious, unbiased comments

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