20 December, 2016


Another Truck #Terrorist
What a grateful community should have given the visionary German Chancellor #Angela Merkel? And what have Muslims given? #TERROR. Totally devoid of even remote justification. Indeed, outrageous ingratitude.
A barbarian from AfPak seeking asylum in Germany drove his truck through Berlin killing 12 totally innocent people, and injuring scores.
As in the US, Germany will turn Rightist. Thanks to us! Angela has all but lost her election to some bigot, as it happened in the US. The likes of Pope Francis, who advocated liberal immigration and open borders, will be marginalized.
It is any day Germany will shut its doors to Muslims, to let them languish in their despotic regimes. Muslims will be banished from Europe. The wee bit moderation and progress that was traveling on the shoulders of these non-residents of Muslim nations will vanish. The bigots will hold sway. Fundamentalism will become national policy across all Islamic nations.
If this was the scheme of Taliban-AlQaeda-IS combine, to sow conflicts in two major civilizations, then they have won, hands down. The clash of civilizations is visible. The Believers of the Books are polarized.
The saddest part is that even moderate, educated, otherwise sane Muslims also fail to see the danger. Indeed many will read conspiracies and offer all kind of apologia even today. It is they that are villains who could be heroes. It is also they who are the worst victims.
Face it brothers: we are driven by suicidal frenzy. Squarely confront the enemy within: bigotry, fundamentalism, unreason, fanaticism, bullying, violence. And publicly fix him. Now. Tomorrow will be too late.

One Beslan, one Paris, one Peshawar should have sufficed. We have had one too many.

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