15 January, 2017


Rape is sex with an unwilling person, using force. 
Murder is taking someone's life.
Killing with sex is both: Rape and Murder
As another little girl falls victim to the uncontrolled lust of brutes I ask the same question I have asked a hundred times. Is it all that difficult to check this crime most heinous crime? Will Indian girls ever win the war against rape? Will our babies enjoy the innocence of their age carefree?
A baby - just four years - is raped by four drug addicts in their twenties, living in her neighborhood. She dies in the act, and then these animals throw her body in the gutter. They have the temerity to join her father in the "search". Until someone finds two little hands jetting out of mud as if asking you and me why we failed her. I failed her. Did you, too? Then read this and share it. And do something more you can.
Our laws of rape suffer two major flaws:
- we have trivialized rape. Eve teasing, sex with consent - even if unpaid and underpaid - is NOT rape. Whatever the immorality of the liaison, age difference, false promises, greed, deception... all these are crimes, but NOT rape. Rape must involve sex AND violence.
- the punishment is given too late and remains too opaque. Our style of punishment prevents the criminal from repeating his crime but fails to deter the POTENTIAL rapist. And that makes a huge difference.
- Allocate a separate time table for courts to try rape cases. 
 - - - Punishment within six months. 
- - - Appeal disposal within a month each. Rape cases are usually not all that complicated, after all. 
- - - Don't let non-rape cases vie with rape cases. Let the other sex crimes go through the usual channels of law
- Punish the rapist strictly, publicly, transparently
- - - Castrate him
- - - Publicly circulate him [even if it amounts to humiliation. That is the purpose of punishment, after fair trials]
- - - Show case his punishment [so as to deter potential rapists] 
whatever the punishment
Rape with intended murder deserves nothing less than capital punishment and I simply do not empathize with social activists who argue compassion after this crime. Hang the guilty in the public square. Go pray for his soul if you should, later!
Imagine again: two tiny hands jetting out of mud belonging to a toddler, now dead, whose only fault was that she had an organ that some wanted for their lust. The same organ we were born from. And we have a duty to that organ. I have.

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