14 February, 2017


Learning from SPRAT's non-residential Caravan Multipurpose Empowerment Centres across six cities of Gujarat that provided remedial education and hand holding livelihood support for 9 yrs, SPRAT is now setting up a residential, digitally empowered, modern study-and-work Academy to train brilliant graduates and PGs in Public Administration and Advocacy.
The campus we call the TARKIK SADAN will also have contemporary facilities to produce rationality enhancing and empowering literature, translations, videos, e-zines, posters, portals and service social network platforms.
All good Samaritans [bureaucrats and celebrities, journalists and writers, professors and leaders, businessmen and industrialists who can contribute resources in cash or kind, or influence public opinion or mobilize intellectual resources, voluntary services or help us in any other way] are requested to extend their support.
An introductory presentation is hosted at http://www.slideshare.net/SPRATN…/sprat-the-caravan-academy…
SPRAT has acquired 13,000 Sq Yards of land at Matar on the famous Dandi March Road, some 30 KMs from Ahmedabad, 2.8 KMs off Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway. And we reached thus far, without giving a penny in bribe.
All that is now needed, to give this novel, synergetic project a big push, is your support.
Whenever TEAM SPRAT tired, felt despair or worried about resources, I counseled it: there is more goodwill than we seem to recognize.
Don't disprove me, Friend.

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