04 February, 2017


1 - Do we ignore the plenty of joys available readily: flowing water, blowing wind, soaring birds, swimming clouds, smiling children… and slog unhappily, and make unworthy compromises, for some more money?
2 - Does TIMES OF INDIA - and its ilk - compels you to turn three pages - often unwieldy and impossible to handle - to find the Newspaper?
3 - Do some women show what is better hidden, and then take offense when people see?
4 - Do voters take the trouble of going to political rallies to hear the same rotten speeches?
5 - Do people remain neutral in the face of obvious injustice done to some, when they know they are vulnerable, too?
6 - Do the faithful not enjoy the pleasure of doing good for goodness' sake, rather than wait for a reward hereafter?
7 - Do Facebookers take the trouble of Selfying themselves and posting on their timelines when they can stand before the mirror?
8 - Do learned panelists agree for TV debates even if the screen looks like a group photo, the anchor behaves like a school teacher, the fellow-panelists shout as in disorderly classes?
9 - Do we fear death even if it is guaranteed to be painless? Indeed, why do the devout believers delay meeting their Creator?
10 - Do so many Indians like TimesNow - despite their obvious arrogance, shouting matches, fixed interviews?

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