19 March, 2017


Look at the bizarre explanations the Hindutva apologists are dolling out to justify the completely unjustifiable: selection of Adityanath as UP's CM
- Did Modi have a choice other than him? 
Plenty. Indeed, far better from the point of view of nation building, development, sabka saath....scientific, modern, youth-oriented, futuristic India...everywhichway this was a very poor choice
- Was he forced to go for Yogi?
Dare anyone force his hands today?
- What was the strongest credential of Yogi?
Muslim bashing. Period. Polarization. 
Patently divisive campaigning. Hard core Hindutva. If you recall his parliamentary or governance related achievements that other contenders lack, please list here.
- Was his choice bad just because he is anti-Muslim?
That was a good enough reason to debar him. And if Muslims are citizens of India, why not?
But even otherwise he is retrograde, obscurantist, anti-women, anti-modernity, anti-science, anti-futuristic-India.
- Why was he appointed then? [Yes, 'appointed'. He was elected post high-command orders]
You answer that. I'm clear: This was a message to Muslims and all secular Hindus as follows
* we can do without you
* we don't care for your sensitivities
* we can twist and turn the logic of anything we do, and can get away
* our world view is Trumpian, we are different, we shall rewrite the books and you got to accept us
- And, therefore, what does this say about Modi, about BJP?
You answer that, too. You are the one who saw a new visionary, a statesman, a sabka-neta, a futuristic and development oriented leader...
All I wanted was a decent man who considered indecencies as indecent and could be trusted to say and do decent, fair things. This man is anything but that.
And I don't like you to tell me: "wait, and watch, he will change. He will do good." There were plenty in your party that are already doing good, but you chose to supersede them with this man.

Increasingly getting tough for Muslims to serve India, remain loyal to this India under this leadership. Unless you are MJAkbar, SyedNaqvi, NajmaHeptullah, ShahNawaz type...

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