11 March, 2017


Muslims are truly and well excluded from democratic processes of the nation. Majoritarianism and not representative democracy are in vogue.
In the "government by the people, for the people... " clearly 'people' excluded Muslims.
In Gujarat for over 14 yrs there has not been one Muslim minister. And now in UP – where one sixth of Indians live - its 20% Muslims are fully excluded from the ruling dispensation - unless BJP chooses to add one or two faceless Muslims for tokenism’s sake.
Those of the BJP who try to dismiss this issue citing constitution, oath, secularism etc will not bother to explain their intricate - and unquestionably successful - caste arithmetic.
But whom do we blame? BJP leadership? Hindu voters that voted it to such brute power? Muslims who saw this coming but did nothing? All three?
How significant is this sweeping victory of the saffron party? Arguably very. Indeed, I regard this no less critical than its 2014 landslide victory.
I invite you to discuss this important development in India’s political history threadbare. And of the Muslims’ relationship with the nation.
Please write in a well-reasoned manner, using totally constitutional language. And with commitment to India's constitution and communal harmony.
And those that wish to discuss this privately or to offer suggestions for people like me, are also welcome to write to me privately.

While INC must reflect why it has been wiped off its citadel, it can draw some solace from gaining Punjab, Manipur and perhaps Goa unless horse-trading takes place. It may appear that INC and BJP are exchanging North and West. 
Please debate how much dividends accrued to BJP from the naked polarization the party attempted mid-way the campaign.

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