27 March, 2017


I have often felt – and sometimes written - that Hindus and Muslims are essentially the same people, in that word's broadest sense. They are both equally backward, illiterate and poor. Except that Hindus - specially those living abroad - are working harder than are Muslims to unshackle themselves of these infirmities.
The PEW Research data [referred to me by a Muslim friend] shows how the majority of each of these communities typically live in relatively poorer and illiterate societies. It compares religious communities across a spectrum of parameters globally.
The saving grace is that both Muslims and Hindus are progressing faster than the Christians in the United States, albeit Hindus are progressing nearly twice as fast as the Muslims.
Muslims must ponder this credible, alarming data. Just the case of Nigeria should shake them. Although Muslims and Christians number about the same, the former are less than half as literate as the latter. Read on for more.

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