09 March, 2017


To the women in my life – yesterday, today and for sure, tomorrow – here is my Salaam:
Thank you Friends, for being you. Stay as you are, for you as women often outshine many a man.
I salute your fortitude in moving on despite all the prying glances, greedy eyes, intended slip of tongue and out-of-control dexterity of my gender. And thank you for not bracketing us all together. For not losing faith in yourself and hope from some of us.
To the unpaid, unsung hero, the so-called ‘housewives’ my Salaam for making heavenly abodes out of bricks and mortar through your sheer grit and charm.
To the women at offices and factories - the so-called working women, euphemism for ‘modern slaves’ - who must slog and compete with their male colleagues at work, and yet serve their in-laws at home just the same, my special Salaam for your sheer courage and forbearance.
To women who love without a consideration - who promote understanding without being understood, who shower kindness in the face of cruelty - my respects and gratitude.
I empathize with you even if I can’t share your pangs of menstruation, and the mother of all pains, the pregnancy.
I am proud to be witness – and a small contributor - to the happening of your overdue transformation: from the target of lust to that of envy, from a passive implementer to an active decision maker, from receiver to giver. From a mere Woman to a full-fledged partner.

Salaam to Womanhood!

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