05 May, 2017


[Specially for my #Muslim brethren]
The new religion called #Solarism lays down that:
- the SUN is the sole life giver to earth and since the only known intelligent life forms exist on earth, 
#Sun is the only true #God of the Universe
- in fact, their Book clearly says so, and it asserts that it is the only true and final book of Truth 
- those that do not worship the Sun should be regarded as infidel
- Sun-worshipers will offer to admit you into their religion but if you do not embrace it and do not become Sun-worshipers, it would be just for them to kill you - unless you acquiesce to pay a hefty protection tax they call Kazawt 
- Since they claim that all previous religions have been merged into their Solarism there is no need for other religions and religious structures. Therefore, the Sun-worshipers consider it justified - and indeed desirable - to destroy your mosques and temples
OK, no Solarism has arisen. Not yet. But what if it did? Do ponder our status and response. And its justification.
In a way Hindutva is acting somewhat like these fictional Sun-worshipers.


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