17 October, 2015



Dear Hindu Friends,
Ask yourself
1. What would be the population of the cows in 15, 25, 50 years if a complete ban is implemented on the slaughter of all cow progeny?
a. Will we have enough roads/gaushalas / fields for them to live on, then, since even now most of them in the urban areas live off our roads
b. How much grass would have to be grown for them to feed on? Even at present, many in our cities live off our urban waste. And where would those grasslands come from? Either by shrinking farm lands [leading to price rise in other foods items] or by claiming forest lands [leading to climatic disaster].
c. The Cow is a significant contributor to global warming already. What if they multiply? [http://ind.pn/R8A0C6]
d. Since the ban-euphoria began, prices of meat, chicken, vegetables, and pulses have all risen to a record high. Along with Muslims aren’t the Hindu poor suffering severely?
e. If you will have to retract this measure then, why commit the error, ruin two generations and then repent? Imagine the egg India would have had on its face globally.
2. Will not some fundamentalist forces then also demand to ban all non-vegetarian foods?
a. If they must be displeased then, after all this trouble, why not now?
b. Aren’t we already displeasing the Jains, the PETA, and other like-minded people?
c. If the vegan extremists must be placated, all seafood must be stopped. In a malnourished country consider the fate of the poor in the entire coastal belt? We are talking here of the lives of over 300 million of them
d. The effect of such a ban – even by way of tokenism – can play havoc with Indian lives considering the serious impact this would have on the prices of vegetables, pulses, and fruits.
3. As for religious injunction, please read this: http://bit.ly/1NgnN6R. Clearly, you have not been adequately informed. Clearly, those that know, are taking you for a ride.
4. Assuming that a ban is indeed implemented, isn’t it fair that those for whose beliefs this is done are taxed to subsidize those that have to suffer due to it? The ban deals a double blow to them: first denying to them what their religion fully permits them, and then penalizing them by raised prices of alternative foods.
5. All societies and communities have to occasionally confront issues that make or mar their future. India’s future - indeed, that of the Hindu society at large - depends on your present decision making.
6. Act wisely.

Personally, I do not eat beef and expect Muslims to respect the sentiments of their Hindu friends.

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