28 August, 2017


Life' uncertainties are quite like weather’s vagaries: they come at THEIR will, scarcely bothered about their impact on our lives. Endure we have to. Therein alone lies our success.

The only moral of the story of cosmos is endurance. Survival. Forging ahead. Reconstruction after destruction. From galaxies to planets, from Big Bang to Big Crunch, it is all about destruction, chaos, oppression. Followed by reconstruction. 

While most tragedies are sudden and unanticipated, rebuilding is almost always slow; order is always prolonged. 

Successes are earned over many years, though they are culminated in celebration on specific days. Birthday comes once but life is lived all of 365 days.

Entropy is what scientists call it, born of the 2nd law of thermodynamics. We see cups of tea, glasses of water, shelves of books falling, shattering apart and scattering their contents. But we never see books returning back to their shelves, spilt milk regathering in its mug, scattered marbles reassembling into their container. This happens slowly in nature through evolution, or through painstaking human intervention.

Sadness and Happiness is how we, humans, interpret these cycles of destruction and reconstruction. But, for nature it is merely an unending process of collapse and expansion; minimization and maximization. 

Death, and from its debris, rebirth. Cool, slow, shining, brilliant, orderly and beautiful cosmos born from extremely hot, chaotic and turbulent material. 

But cosmos survives. It teaches us to survive and rise again. Regather, rebuild and shine. Brilliantly. Majestically.

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