27 October, 2017


NO, I am not in active politics. But yes, I am a keen political science student and an alert citizen.

I have little interest in power politics beyond my social work and communal security. But I have serious personal and professional stakes in secularism, peace, harmony, science and liberalism. 

Therefore, while I try to remain apolitical, I will resist - as fiercely as I can - any attempt, overt or covert, to disturb peace, nation's secular character, its progressive, liberal and scientific strides, for anybody's political interests. It is both my obligation and privilege. 

I notice visible shift in Gujarat's political campaigning towards the same, old, time-tested and sadly useful Hindu-Muslim binary, a seriously polarizing narrative and schism. 

If I fight this, please do not value-judge me beyond my stated objectives, nor suspect my intentions. I have other work to do, social services to deliver. That remains my prime commitment.

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