27 October, 2017


[As Received from a Friend]
I have never received a satisfactory reply from Modi’s apologists as to how anyone with education, a sense of history, a basic commitment to humanism – much less to Muslim friends – and belief in sanatan dharma can ignore the following misdeeds of this man, and the means he employed to be where he is:

- His colossal failure to prevent Sabarmati carnage killing 57 Hindus, and post-Godhra genocide killing 2k+ Muslims. And his taking out “gaurav yatra” after this!
- Complete failure / denial of his promises on the menu of Acche Din in 90 days, reducing serious manifesto to ‘ joomlas ‘ 
- Appointment of Amit Shah – an accused in Sohrabuddin murder - SIT Findings against Amit Shah’s “extortions”, externed from Gujarat by SC, jail, bail and what not [as if BJP had no better talent]
- His rehabilitating almost all the accused of the genocide, including appointing one as the DGP despite his being on the bail! [Two former very respected DGPs have filed PILs against this in SC. Surely they are not fools], and only easing him after SC threat to remove him.
- Not appointing a Lok Ayukt [Justice Mehta] in Guj and later not a LokPal in Delhi, and not making CBI independent of Govt [on which he and his party mocked the Congress and we fell for him
- Appointment of Yogi, with all his rabid utterances, retrograde outlook, [as if UP had not scientists, administrators, statesmen.. even in Hindutva fold] whose friend [with Yogi on the dais] told 5k+ crowd that cheered: “dig out Muslim women from their graves and rape”
- Jay Shah’s open secrets of money laundering
- The fa├žade of his anti-corruption crusade and recurring show of BJP purchases of legislators, and Ramdev’s [with his European island] meteoric and highly questionable rise 
- Brazen plunder of state’s resources by Adani, sp ports and mining. The ongoing coal plunder [as exposed by I.E.]
- Videos of Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha, Ram Jethmalani etc openly mouthing doubt on the man’s integrity and ability. Either these are bad men [then why were they foisted on us by his predecessors?] or they are telling the truth
- Brazen subversion of constitutional and state instruments and entities like the Doordarshan, EC, CBI, NIA, IB, RBI, UGC, CBSE, HRD et al
- His false accusations against the Gandhi family [wanted to jail some of them in a year], who are yet to be charge-sheeted
- His vulgar derision of all past governments, pulling Nehru down, ridiculing India’s massive strides from 1947 
- Dozens of his open lies [such as the FIRST RoRo which we have been using in Goa for over a decade], benefits of DeMo, false claims of achievements of his Govt
- Apparent, visible and glaring contradictions in his numerous videos pre-PM and post-PM
- His party’s brazen distortion of history, such as painting the Muslim rule pure evil, pulling down Gandhi by pitting him against Patel discreetly, belittling Congress’s contribution...
One common [not the sole] factor I notice in most [not all] of his apologists is their suppressed or visible hate for Muslims and Christians. Muslims are not angels and have so much to account for, both in India and abroad. But, that is no reason for a bad Hindu to lead this nation. Polarization, and hate have moved from bed-rooms to board-rooms after 70 yrs of ‘independence’ leaving India a far more divided nation than the one he inherited.

Surely Indians deserved better. Wish India got better.

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