24 October, 2017


I have never doubted that the saffron party was at least as much seeped into corruption as the parties it accuses of. 

It did not require Einsteinian brains to estimate the cost of its vast electoral outreach and campaigning, the splurging of resources, the disproportionate clout its cronies enjoyed in the society...

Unfortunately in the process a number of progressive and developmental campaigns launched by Modi, such as the emphasis on cleanliness and guarded defecation, cure for diabetes, building of infrastructure, digitization of governance etc. took a beating. The pain of reckless demonetization took away citizen's capacity to bear the pain a pivotal reform like GST was sure to inflict. The result: BJP has badly polarized the society, across religion, region, class, vocation, sector... All in all bad days ahead for India both ways, whether BJP loses or gains.

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