05 November, 2017


Those who wish the destruction of the Taj, how would they ever unite hearts? These Muslim haters are wretched #Hindu bigots, ignorant of their own glorious past, the beauty of Indian dance and music, of its architecture and paintings, the romance of its rituals, the rainbow of its diverse folk songs, mythology and myths - of the rich tapestry of beautiful confluence of various elements of life in our mixed heritage?

These bigots are unaware of the glorious contribution made by the Islamic influence on our nation’s architecture, food, dress, etiquette, and language. Not just one Taj Mahal, hundreds of our mosques, palaces, forts… offer a veritable treasure of patterns, curves, flooring, widows, minarets, tombs and domes. 

Our food – specially non-vegetarian food – is globally known for its finger licking deliciousness. 

Indian classical music is testimony to the signal contribution made by Muslims to the treasure it is now universally regarded. Indestructible, unifying, soul-stirring and soothing to the soul! Check the song, storylines, dialogues and dance of the Bollywood. Take Muslims out of it and you are left with pathetic flops

Urdu: the ghazal, the nazm, the very she’r [couplet] gives depth to ordinary words, quadrupling the impact, touching the chord deep down. 

Islamic culture introduced in India glorious traditions in our dress vastly enhancing the beauty and grace of our women and men. Shalwar to sherwani, kurta to gharara, sharara, dupatta...

These Hindu bigots want Hindus to forego the finest things of life, things that make our life worth living, allow us to wade our way through the vicissitudes of life and enrich it for us to bear harsh realities of existence - and to yet enjoy living. 

They are no different from the bigoted Talibanized Mullahs that deny to Muslims the beauty of music, dance, painting. The majesty of Mohenjodaro and Harappa.

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