23 November, 2017


Why am I not in awe of the successful, the POWERFUL and the rich? There may have been times when these things also signified goodness, greatness, capability, nobility... 

No more. I can see CROOKS rising, MURDERERS commanding power, SCOUNDRELS earning mass fan-following, SCHEMERS being projected messiahs and COWARDS bagging bravery awards. 

I am also seldom affected by NUMBERS. A vast majority usually was wrong when Christ, Galileo, Ram, Mohammed, Gandhi... launched their crusades. 

I am also a little skeptic in falling to the STATURE of those endorsing an apparently stupid opinion. Look how the LEARNED, TALENTED, FREE media of my nation has become supine and partial: whether bowing to power or money or sheer muscle of numbers. 

No, I am not brave. Actually I am quite a coward. Therefore, I keep my mouth shut far more than I should.

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