06 December, 2017


My formula for #Babri Masjid dispute resolution: 

1. Let there be a trust only comprising the Sankaracharyas
2. Let the Parliament legislate as follows:
A: all disputes relating to religious places shall be frozen and transferred to a specific statutory commission for swift, time-bound disposal 
B: staking a fresh claim on other persons' religious place becomes a cognizable offence 
C: Set up a statutory Non-Discrimination Commission where the benefit of doubt rests with the complainant, and the onus of proving innocence on the accused
D: Set up a statutory Equal Opportunities Commission. Employers, hirers, allotters etc guilty of discriminating forego state support and repeat offenders are punished
3. Muslims should be allotted a plot of land of matching size some distance away to build a new mosque
4: Muslims to voluntarily gift the Babri Masjid land to the said trust for the sake of peace and brotherhood.
5: This Trust alone shall be the new owner of the land. It alone shall build a new #Ram Temple there and shall remain its custodian for ever.

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