04 December, 2017


I ask my #Hindu countrymen to ponder and honestly answer whether a Muslim, say 10% smarter and more talented in the requisite skills than Narendra Modi, has a remote chance of becoming India's Prime Minister in these times.

I know your answer has to be an emphatic negative 

Can he be a cabinet minister ? Very unlikely in most states and definitely not in BJP ruled states

Can he be an MP or an MLA? Only likely where they are numerically in winning numbers.

Keep this background in the mind and then consider the #discrimination that a Muslim contractor, student, borrower, clerk, driver... would likely face in his daily life . 

No wonder Justice Sachar Committee found denial of jobs, bank credit and general institutional support to Muslims over the Congress decades, too.

The next time you meet a Muslim be considerate to him for he may have been discriminated against every so often. Try to bear with his cynicism, suspicion and disengagement in this background.

(This in no way condones the failures of Muslims to compete equally when a level playing field was available)

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