13 January, 2018


When someone with credibility questioned the manner of sanctioning one or two loans by a banker, all the other loans granted by that banker were usually investigated and monitored closely. Similar investigative exercise is undertaken when a teacher is accused / suspected of rewarding favourite students, an assessor for valuing certain assets, a tendering officer for allotting contracts.. and so on 

Moreover, when a tradition exists - such as allotting the serious cases to senior judges - you normally have a strong reason to do so, and are able to explain this departure, for the good of the system.

If CJI Dipak Misra had nothing personal, nothing particular, in violating that normal tradition he should come out and explain the imperative for his departure from tradition, or simply cancel those allotments, and ask the collegium to allot them afresh. 

He has nothing to lose in so doing. And judiciary has everything to gain from such a statesmanlike act. The onus now lies squarely on the CJI to show his conduct was above reproach.

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