25 January, 2018


Sections of #Hindu community, in recent times, have become emboldened to assert their #intolerance with verbal and physical violence. 

Notice that the story of #Padmavat had been picturized before, and repeatedly, including at least once by Shyam Benegal, assisted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, without any violence.

Remember also that the lady, at best, was a royal, not a deity, nor a character from the Hindu scriptures.

Although I had condemned it strongly, any comparison of current Rajput protests with #Muslim protests over #Danish cartoon and #Rushdie's book, is patently unequal and therefore unfair. These two respectively ridiculed Muhammad, the undisputed Prophet for 1.7 billion Muslims and founder of Islam, and his wife.

Remember also that Muslim violence then was called #terrorism

Recognize, though, that like then as now, it is only a fringe that is protesting, while the rest of the majority goes about the business of living

Let's, nevertheless, remind ourselves of this lesson from nations like #Pakistan: When #minorities turn fundamentalist / intolerant, this poses minor irritants in a nation's advancement. But when the #majority turns so, it's progress is not only halted but reversed.

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