09 April, 2018


I am generally against Bandhs. I also didn't find the recent SC observation against possible misuse of Dalit protection as immediately alarming. 

Yet the various Dalit outfits issued a bandh call and it was tremendously successful almost nation-wide. 

There was no single visible leader, no organized platform facilitating it, no imminent and immediate withdrawal of reservation and other privileges. Yet the response was tremendous and spontaneous - and fairly disciplined given the nation wide effect.

This must awaken Muslims to what united democratic action can achieve. Look, how the entire government came to its knees by the Bandh. 

Why Muslims couldn't organize a single such protest even on the 1992 demolition of Babri Masjid, genocide in Gujarat in 2002, or at the barbaric mob lynchings recently... is a point for us to ponder. 

I invite you to examine this and hazard your guess.

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