09 July, 2018


Yes, Triple Talaq must go. 
Yes, practices like halala must go. 

But are you seriously concerned with Muslim women or are attempting to divert national attention from unceasing rape and lynching?

I see a political agenda behind your new-found love for Muslim women. The one-point resolution of these evils lies in the empowerment of Muslim women. Can you provide reservation for her in colleges, bank credit and jobs? Make her husband dependent upon her and these evils will go. 

Now, are you sure, in terms of numbers, that these are Indian women's chief problem? Surely you are not telling Hindu women that they are OK. Check these evils that Hindu women face but Muslim women are relatively free from:

- Prolonged court battles for divorce
- Child marriages
- Rape and sexual exploitation within family 
- Dowry deaths
- Manglika and such other horoscope-led proscription
- Widespread, unsanctioned polygamy
- Widespread purdah amongst vast sections of rural and traditional Hindus
- Widespread violence 
- The particular misery of educated, working Hindu women sandwiched between modernity and tradition.

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