17 August, 2018


For me one of Atal Bihari #Vajpayee's greatest moments - and, indeed, in all of Indian statesmanship - happened in a bus: the bus to #Lahore. 

#Pakistan squandered that opportunity - and back-stabbed with Kargil. We squandering the Pak initiative at Agra years later.

Vajpayee's Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamhooriyat approach is sorely missed by the #Kashmiris

Can the present Indian dispensation follow their leader in this spirit? Can the new Pak leadership with multiple India connections, come up with such statesmanship in these critical times? 

On this hinges the happiness of a billion humans on both sides of the border. 

Let Insaniyat triumph over jingoism everywhere.

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