31 August, 2018


Yes, in this wretched country of ours where the farmers are sometimes forced to commit suicide and where millions still starve, there are those that squander precious resources. 

In the Gujarat village of Rupal - in the capital district of Gandhinagar - during the Navratra festival the folks pour quantities of pure GHEE on the idol / chariot.

Result: You may see a virtual tiny river of Ghee. 
Worse, you will also see the poor collecting the remains from the road for recycling. Which means they would have been enormously grateful if this Ghee were given to them with lesser humiliation and waste.

Whither #rationality?

I could pretty much question the Muslims, just the same way, who slaughter millions of goats on the same day rather than space this out, so that there is a better distribution of meat amongst the poor over a longer period. 

I know that neither community can see the #irrationality of this wastage. I guess the poor who collect the ghee from the roads would agree. 



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