21 August, 2018


Do the recurring reports of the heinous crime of abuse of children for sex in the Church – from Philippines to Chile – shock you? Me, they don’t. 

I don’t expect the situation to be significantly different in the all-men boarding ashrams and madarsas. It is just that the Christians are more inquisitive, probing and concerned for their children.

The problem, in its essence, lies in this hypocritical emphasis on abstinence and celibacy. The sex-obsessed societies are the ones denouncing what ought to be regarded a normal human need that sex is. 

Personally, I am suspicious of all men – and women, for that matter – that seek to make a virtue of what is patently an abnormality: abjuring normal sex. 

Whether priests or prime ministers, those that forsake normal food, drink, clothing, sex, sleep, socializing or filial bonds, and claim a holier than thou status, usually scare me. I wouldn’t leave my ward in their care without anxiety. 

Would you?

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