29 October, 2018


The more I learn bits of
quantum physics, the more I get mystified

Uses of the wave-like behaviour of particles, protons passing right through barriers in what they call quantum tunneling, application of the uncertainty principle and quantum computing...are all opening up new vistas for technology. 

Do we smell by listening to the music produced by the vibrations in atoms within our smell molecules in the receptors? Is quantum mechanics at work in our DNA responsible for our genetic mutation? Questions like these raised by quantum biology are providing incredible insights into the fabric of evolution itself.

But these advances are also raising profound questions about our perception of reality.

These will change our world faster, much faster, than our masses are cultured even to recognise.

The lifetime of the layman, it seems, is required just to fathom the depths to which contemporary science penetrates.

The resulting gap between the knowledge and understanding of the lay people like me, vis-a-vis that of the scientists, is growing at an alarming rate, virtually everyday.

Probably never before on earth existed humans so far apart, so different from one another, in their perception of reality. 

How will this unfold for our civilization is a question for the philosophers to seriously ponder.

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