03 November, 2018


Why are the Gurus and the Babas steadily mushrooming in the last decade or so?

Because of cheap religiosity, resulting from political patronage, we in India see rapidly rising irrationality, retrogression and antiquity. And, therefore, credibility and respectability for their merchandise.

Consequently more money and power flow their way. This allows and emboldens them to float news, television and video channels, command media coverage, launch promotional campaigns, employ marketing and psychology experts as counselors. They, in turn help advance their business even more

Study closely and you can see this pattern unmistakably. From Nityanandam, Zakir Naik to Sadguru (English with pseudo science) to our native and rustic Ramdev, from dancing Asaram to acting Ram Rahim, from ring producing Satya Sai Baba to our own city gurus, their business is flourishing rapidly

Ask: which wisdom they added that your books already did not tell you as kids? What is truly unique about them, much less truly divine, that average psychiatrists, personality development teachers and motivational speakers don't have?

These repositories of ancient wisdom claim that all of today's science was foretold by their scriptures and traditions, but they completely fail to project tomorrow or name specific innovations and discoveries in the offing. They who produce diamonds magically, or scan your body through their third eye can't precisely predict one single chemical reaction that scientists haven't already documented.

Their knowledge of scientific advances is either woefully inadequate or ludicrous enough to genuinely confuse them.

To their good fortune their followers know science and philosophy even less, and that includes the white skin trophies that their front rows cunningly showcase.

Beware my countrymen of these simpletons, credulous, scientifically uninformed people who confidently emplo scholarly sounding terminology - specially scientific terms - to suspend your thinking faculty, rob you of your independence of thought and creativity, freedom, dignity, money and sometimes even your virginity.

Either they talk plane nonsense or ordinary homilies that you misconstrue as great wisdom, thanks to their aura. Take them point by point and objectively and honestly compare them with published science to know what is going on.

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