13 December, 2018


Fathom this miniaturization:

Just over a century ago humanity conceived of some 80+ #Elementary #Particles (beautifully arranged by Dimitri Mendeleev which we knew as the #Periodic Table) as being the building blocks. 

They were known to consist of the #Atoms, which I studied as the 'indivisible smallest matter'.

But then atoms were found to comprise #electrons, protons and neutrons, the new 'ultimate building blocks'.

No longer so. We now have a zoo of over 80 'fundamental particles' such as #quarks, gluon, bosons, nutrinos... 

There is no stopping yet.

#String Theory, in the Standard Model, would have us believe that these particles are merely different manifestations of tiny vibrations at the fundamental level.

Come #Quantum Physics and you can now conceive of a universe born absolutely out of #NOTHING. 

In fact, Lawrence #Krauss says Nothing is pretty unstable and must inevitably produce Something, and insists this is how the Big Bang inflation was produced, resulting into all we have, you, me and everything else.

There crumbles yet another foundation on which the logic of #Creation rested for so long.

Nothing, it seems, is #Everything, after all.

(CAUTION: I have no formal education in science. And I know nothing about the Dark Matter and Dark Energy, supposed to constitute the bulk of our universe. So, please recheck everything given here)

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