06 January, 2019


My beloved country [whose first PM was half a scientist himself, and a friend of Russel and Einstein], is shamed when its "scientists" ridiculed Newton and Einstein and that marvelous scientific achievement called the detection of Gravitational Waves.

And this happened at no less a venue than the Indian Science Congress at its 106th session ongoing, guess where, the Lovely Professional University (LPU)!

One worthy - no less than a Vice Chancellor! - claimed that Kauravas in Mahabharata were test tube babies and that Dashavatar that talks about ten avtars of Vishnu in Gita, gave better theory of evolution than Darwin!

His sycophancy is then understandable: that he will rename his gravitational waves as ‘Narendra Modi waves’ and that Minister Harsh Vardhan is a greater scientist than late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam [for whom I never had any particular love, either!]

Any wonder, then, that barely 10 of our #scientists count amongst 4000 top of the world vs. 482 Chinese!


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