10 February, 2019


Ironically it is the COW issue that will cost the right wing political parties dearly. The Cow vigilantes have caused so much havoc to the farming community that they are seething with anger. 

The farmer who doesn’t have enough to feed his family, and is sometimes forced to commit suicide, now has to provide for the cows that cease to be productive and remunerative for him. Worse, he often cannot even shoo the stray cattle away from his farm, for he is scared of the violence that may be caused by the hooligans even if you are an anti-beef Hindu. 

Gone is the time when the Cow acted as the banker and insurer for the farmer. He would acquire some when he had surplus cash and sell some away when in dire distress. Now, even in penury, he not only cannot sell them, but has to feed them, instead. 

Even some urban areas have begun to feel the pinch. Towns are seething with stray cattle everywhere – barring the upmarket areas and gated communities – pushing the ordinary folks, specially the pedestrians, two-wheel drivers, rickshaw-drivers etc into grave risks, and sometimes causing fatal injuries. In UP farmers have often been forced to lock up the stray cows into the compounds of schools and government buildings as their crops are being ruined. 

In the name of cow, buffalo, goat meat and even chicken have come to be suspect. As a result, these latter industries have suffered grievously. No wonder that UP tanneries are fleeing to West Bengal - which, incidentally, is hosting them warmly. 
Ironically, Uttar Pradesh – more than any other state – may punish such political parties largely due to their Cow vigilantism. 


[I had urged beef eaters about a year ago to voluntarily and vociferously desist from all forms of beef consumption – even at the cost of some much needed and affordable nutrition. I had assured them that a time would come when the governments would be forced to rethink their stringent policies. Going by the seething anger of the common people without a vested interest, that time has come. 

At that time, even I had not realized that this would happen so soon! There are already signs that some sections are forced to ease the policy. Personally I would urge all non-vegetarians to continue to respect the sentiments of the cow-worshipers as an act of fellow-feeling.]

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