07 March, 2019


A friend sent this link and sought my opinion. 

I know very little about the man in the video but I do understand that Saheeh Bukhari enjoys much respect in the large mass of Muslims. Therefore I viewed this video and am perplexed. 

I also then looked around and found a lot of criticism of this Imam. 

As a rationalist I am only concerned with reason and scientific temper, not with Sunni, Shia, Ahmedia, or for that matter any other school and matter of blind faith. 

I invite the opinion - sp of Muslim members - strictly 
- about the content of THIS Video 
- role of Saheeh Bukhari in the life of Muslims 

Under no circumstance will we allow posts casting uncivil aspersions or personal attacks on any member, any community at large and any communal comments.

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