24 April, 2019



1. Used as we are to denial, we do not see the writing on the wall. We can disingenuously create fascinating theories of conspiracy against Muslims.

2. No wonder the Sri Lanka killings were first blamed on Lankan Budhists, and Tamil Tigers, and now that Muslims have been caught red-handed, conspiracy theories abound: British Deep State, Mossad in collusion with R&AW et al planted terrorists amongst Muslims.

3. It never occurs to these people to ask why only Muslims render themselves so amenable to conspiracies, why so much terror happens at Muslim hands, and so often, why our terrorists seem to thrive within the community

4. That these Terrorists are pure evil, pure enemies of humanity, and particularly pure destroyers of Muslims is completely missed.

5. What could the worst enemies of Muslims have wished to happen just at this time in India's neighbourhood, in the face of a very, very crucial Parliamentary election in India, and so soon after Pulwama? In one swell move we proved Indian Hindutva propaganda right.

6. Killing Christians just so soon after New Zealand's Christians displayed such solidarity with Muslims in the wake of Christchurch terror would have been the worst ingratitude, wouldn't it? We squandered all the sympathy and goodwill we just earned there.

7. Our terrorists worked hard to prove Christchurch's Australian terrorist Brenton Harrison Tarrant and his Manifesto, right. What implications this has for the community, doesn't bother them.

8. That we, the Muslims are now regarded globally - and is that without reason? - as unwelcome, troublesome, downright uncivil and barbaric doesn't seem to stir the conscience of my fellow Muslims

9. Muslim friends spend more time in finding alibis and excuses than in introspecting and working to introduce reform within the community. Some waste their time on awarding fatwas and pronouncing reformists as atheists, kaafirs, conspirators...

10. What a great misfortune that they do not recognize the pains felt by people like me. Could I ever hope, for all the pains I took in these 17 years, for their understanding and solidarity, much less their financial and intellectual support?

Nearly a decade ago I statistically documented the Muslim dilemma, and presented a comprehensive charter for reform, in my book, KHITAB-E-NAU [
Scribd.com / YouTube.com]. That, sadly, remains an applauded document, but has not become a movement.

Pray, some one, SOME ONE OUT THERE, wakes up to the harsh reality and reaches out to me through the inbox.

I am working - along with some extra ordinary Muslims and Hindus - towards a movement for rational, clean politics emerging from a people's socio-political movement. But we are starved of resources.

Here is an Introduction to some of our work: : 

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