25 April, 2019


For far too long we have been told that Terror has no religion. That there is no such thing as Christian, Islamic or Hindu terror. And yet we often employ this adjective when we discuss 'the other peoples' terror.

The fact of the matter - with all due respect to the proponents of this view - appears to me just the opposite: that terror usually has religious roots. It may occasionally have political, racial, even economic reasons and motivations. But to suggest that it does not have religious roots appears not only fraught with fallacy but may remove us from the position of being able to challenge and uproot it. 

Isn't it time we honestly traced terrorism to religious and politico-religious teachings? Our denial has gotten us no were near its elimination. Instead, shouldn't we now confront the devil headlong by tackling its roots?

Next to political terror - and barring economic terror such as Naxal - I find religious motivations the most potent cause of terrorism. 

I will not hesitate to change my opinion if scholarly arguments are offered against this line. Equally, from those that may agree with this post, I seek better argument and more citation than mine.

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