21 May, 2019

MODERNIZING MUSLIM CHARITY Institutionalizing #Zakawt

Empowerment of Muslins can unarguably emerge from Muslim advances in Science and technology.

This, in turn requires generous and regular investments in institution building

Zakawt is a powerful Muslim religious tool for income redistribution. 

In the month of Ramadan most Muslims offer a fraction of their wealth towards charitable purposes. While this has undoubtedly fed the hungry and treated the sick for centuries, it has also unfortunately now produced a cadre of professional beggars

You thus have the horrible situation where several Muslims working as house maids, hawkers, peons etc throughout the 11 months suddenly quit in #Ramadan to seek alms distributed under the aegis of Zakawt. Obviously this receipt outweighs their regular professional income 

Come to think: institutions that seek to serve the cause of #Muslim empowerment rarely receive significant Zakawt contribution because of this orthodox emphasis on giving the dolls to the individuals.

What if all this charity could be channelized systematically towards institution building?

What if Muslim Zakawt could be invested carefully and farsightedly in producing Muslim administrators, journalists, cops, soldiers and above all scientists for the welfare of all humanity - with their Muslim identity intact and honorable?

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  1. Didn't know about this.. Very informative and convincing.