30 June, 2019

Miscellanea [1 June 2019 - 30 June 2019]


  • As the euphoria subsides 
    harsh realities begin to bite 


  • There are three distinct types of #leaders at all levels 
    One, that visualise and build an institution from the scratch; the other that join one and rise within to take it over. 
    And then there are also those rank outsiders that simply hijack other's institutions. 


  • Sometimes your greatest #achievement lies in finding a Godfather on the rise! 


  • Small men decry small things and humble men, and worship big things and powerful people 


  • Oh, pity the poverty and emptiness of those that live all their life by beliefs they don't reason, nor really believe! 


  • Truly Weak 
    are those 
    that unite 
    against the Weaker 


  • When you see evil triumph over #truth incessantly, you either abjure truth or forsake #success 


  • If a task appears a little difficult, consider targeting an even more difficult task. 
    This does sometimes help. 


  • Religious fanaticism and chauvinistic nationalism, both require unthinking minds! 


  • The minds that don't feel intense revulsion at the brutal lynchings are unfit of human bodies 


  • On the pain of being misunderstood: 
    I find crowd lynching far more cruel than ISIS- type shooting in the skull.

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