01 April, 2017

Miscellanea [01 April. 2017 - 30 June. 2017]

1 April 17                          

Majority, minority, Muslim, Hindu, Indian, Chinese, white, brown, black... What about #Human? Inhuman, wasn't that?

1 April 17                          

This new material absorbs 99.96% of light, making it the Guinness World Record holder for the #darkest substance https://t.co/BGhp7Ibn07

1 April 17                          

No need to beam up to see the wonders of space, thanks to @NASA's new online image library https://t.co/TQvcKBQK2Lhttps://t.co/VVmguh2DgM

4 April 17                          

Don't be over awed by #success stories. Some is accidental, some made up, some make believe. Respect the rest

4 April 17                          

At 10 I was enamored of little toys. At 30 I sought bigger #toys. Now i research toy-joy relationship. Was it #joy I was chasing?

4 April 17                          

"So, what is the news?" Asked the #editor eagerly. "Nothing", replied the reporter. "Wow" exclaimed the editor, "where, when?"

5 April 17                          

If you feel dejected at the lack of love in this materialistic, ungrateful world, just choose a beautiful feminine face for your cover pix!

6 April 17                         

- Growing demand for grass / fodder, leading to more gauchar farming, and felling of jungles
- Congestion on roads, in backyards. Not only cows, but bulls clogging the roads
- Rising demand for vegetables as beef eaters will shift there. Prices shooting and hurting economically backward vegetarians

The situation would have been different if they were never brought in our midst, and left to the laws of the nature to maintain natural balance.

Often when humans intervened in the nature's scheme they create more problems than they solve.

16 April 17                        

One of the modem civilization's curses is to attach too much emphasis on #democracy rather than on #righteousness

19 April 17                        

The only difference between #believers & #atheists is that the latter disbelieve in one more God: that of the believer

19 April 17                        

Q: Why would #atheists strive to be virtuous
A: Because they have none to pass the buck on to, & must act responsibly

21 April 17                        

Unjust people create unfair societies hiking transaction cost - thus becoming relatively underproductive

24 April 17                        

#CRIME: Some illegal act committed by the weak. Punished. It's called POLICY when the mighty does this. #Rewarded.

27 April 17                        

Schermer's #Baloney Detection Kit to teach critical thinking & skepticism https://t.co/5Wj1WSswBc | #Myth buster!

6 May 17                           

when the mosque breakers / mandir builders claimed that SC had no jurisdiction in matters of faith?

If the lower judiciary of Gujarat had not been so thoroughly communalized the SC wouldn't have:
- reopened 2500 cases it closed [some of which later earned convictions]
- transferred several critical cases to Mumbai
Is this Querist questioning the wisdom of the SC over that of the lower judiciary?

7 May 17                           

Wish my country became what it wants the world to believe it is. And it can. Therein lies its resilience and greatness.

15 May 17                         

Those in command of themselves seldom need approval of others. And those that constantly seek it are seldom confident and #secure

21 May 17                         

RT @CNN: Researchers have created a new kind of spray #paint that turns anything into a touch-enabled device https://t.co/U2NBXA5aAK

27 May 17                         

Wise people don't spread #unhappiness. Wiser still proactively work to spread #happiness in this world

28 May 17                         

What happens when you live amongst #small men? You suffer the illusion of #grandeur!

28 May 17                         

When middle-class domination, majoritarianism and mobocracy matter the most it is Modified democracy, most certainly!

30 May 17                         

She: "He has been #raping me for 100 days on my daily visits"
Judge: "May be, the first day. 99 days appear consensual"

2 June 17                           

Which one did you like the most?

5 July 17                            

Hasn't today's #democracy transferred effective power from the fair & informed few to the uncouth & ignorant many?

9 June 17                           

If you keep pouring venom & hate against others, chances are you are deeply disturbed within. Reduce #hate to find some #happiness

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