01 April, 2018

Miscellanea [01 April. 2018 - 30 Sep. 2018]

6 May 18                           

I wait for the day when we will be civilized enough to fight an election in a completely uncivilized manner.

21 June 18                        

When you are a #perfectionist, a workaholic, an idealist... your problem is how not to offend so many around you. Balance, tact and #compromises - however removed from your puritanical #idealism these may be - will be needed to let you live. Harsh? Yes, but truthful.

2 July 18                            

I think that all this started with political forces unleashing rowdy elements to do their ulterior bidding: whether demolition of Babri Masjid or damaging properties on Cartoon and Rushdie controversies.
These forces used WhatsApp rumour mongering for UP, Gujarat and NE elections. They shielded these bullies and even patronized some of them politically.
Once these rowdies are uncaged it is difficult to reign them in. In fact, I had personally taken up this subject with LK Advani a long time back at the Ahmedabad Circuit House.
The situation now has become almost uncontrollable. But what is even more disturbing is almost total silence of the Govt to this raging mayhem.
We saw this happening in Pakistan and Bangladesh before. The issues may have been different but the approach is strikingly similar. Look what terrible price these countries paid. We are paying dearly, too.

27 July 18                          

We do #good for many reasons: by conviction, culture, chance; for fear of punishment, for reward, due to cowardice, greed or avarice. Any good is better than no good, & arguably better than bad. But the good that remain neutral to #evil when they can halt it are no-gooders!

10 Aug 18                          

A lot of bad things are happening in our country today, most of which happened in #Pakistan, for which it has been paying till now.
One hoped that the #Gandhian / #Nehruvian legacy would have insured us against these evils. Awake my countrymen!

10 Aug 18                          

Anyone who teaches you to #hurt, hate or humiliate someone else is certainly not doing honour to your religion, region community or Nation. Think: you embarrass and being shame to them all. Compare yourself with those that propagate love

10 Aug 18                          

#Religions have the tendency of being hijacked by their worst followers!

12 Aug 18                          

When bad ones corner all the resources the good languish - and so goodness suffers.

13 Aug 18                          

Everybody enjoys #praise, but those who cannot live without it must be deeply hollow within

29 Aug 18                          

Don't envy the mediocre that march past you; pity the system that promotes them!

30 Aug 18                         

The constitution protects the bureaucrats from persecution so that this steel frame acts as a bulwark against vagaries of power shift.
Yet many babus ignore the law to please the rulers.
Let's report all bureaucratic bunglings with #DarJaBabu reminding them of the day of reckoning

3 Sep 18                            

I'm a dreamer; a night dreamer. The day I use to execute last night's dream.

11 Sep 18                          

The Industrialist draws power from wealth while the politician draws wealth from the power.

11 Sep 18                          

#Piety without service to #humanity appears divine #selfishness

12 Sep 18                          

The conspiracy theorists pick and choose stray pieces of information to let their imagination go wild and build their fantasies to portray their vicitimhood almost childishly, ignoring simple questions such as: - why is it that it is always / mostly Muslims that America is supposed to be after? - why do Muslims allow themselves so willingly to be so thoroughly exploited? - why would CIA resort to such a costly exercise of self-wound when it is supposed to be so powerful as to do anything? - do we even realize that the West-Asia oil is no more as attractive as it once was? - how did Muslims allow Mossad and CIA to take so thorough control of their nations and their rulers? We don't realize that through these theories, we not only appear stupid but incapable of learning lessons for self-reform.

13 Sep 18                          

While without a doubt in most cases it is the men who harass the girls, it is rapidly becoming a way of life for some girls, a means of making easy money, an escape from a liability that is sure to accrue and a tool for blackmail. These girls actually rob the genuine girl victims of their innocent victimhood, and makes them suspect. Thus the legislation that was created to protect them is actually in parts hurting many by reason of its misuse by a few. Ditto for Dalit emancipation, protection of tenants and vulnerable employees, and now triple talaq.

30 Sep 18                          

#Happiness in its essence is an experience,
not an expression

30 Sep 18                          

All that shines is not gold.
Likewise all that laugh may not be happy

30 Sep 18                          

#Leader is perceived as the society's pinnacle. Bad leader, therefore, undermines it.

30 Sep 18                          

Isn't a satisfied peon, adored by his firm and family, way better than a failed manager hated by all?

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