01 April, 2019

Miscellanea [01 April. 2019 - 30 June. 2019]

1 Apr 19                             

We read it all, and thought it was past; would never happen again.
But aren't we watching the rise of #fascism helplessly?

3 Apr 19                             

Wouldn't the nation with many #unemployed #youth be far more unsecure with our enemies trying to enlist them?

3 Apr 19                             

Isn't it common sense that the #Nation's real strength emerges not from the borders but from people united within by mutual trust?

6 Apr 19                             

The UNWORTHY go, rule the country, and our destinies, while we the WORTHY keep analysing trends and offering unsolicited advice!

6 April 19                          

Can we imagine our lives without these inventions and discoveries?
How many Muslims and Hindus can you count in this list?
Notice that it is dominated by Christians, non-believers and Jews. Shouldn't we stop deriding them and instead study what gets them going?

10 Apr 19                          

#Wisdom interprets knowledge truthfully. #Nobility blends it with fairness.
Reject all saints and leaders who fail this test.

10 Apr 19                          

Since I am not God I cannot guarantee the success of my efforts. But since there is no #God I must make them nonetheless.

12 Apr 19                          

#DEMOCRACY AT ITS CORE is a moral pact.Devoid of morality it can be the most misused form of governance.

14 Apr 19                          

MODERNITY is more than expensive suits: it is attitude, elevated mind and inspired vision.
This man in his traditional dress was able to foresee tomorrow. And tell the truth as truth be told.
Sadly, we are being pushed back to times before his.
When once I was asked why India and Pakistan took to such different paths when they both became free together, spontaneously I replied: they did not have a #Nehru!

20 Apr 19                          

When the ugly command power no weapon remains above board. Everybody is suspect. Every attack is fair.

20 Apr 19                          

In the face of incessant onslaught your self-confidence begins to crumble.
And that is what they want.
Beware. You - and Me!

21 Apr 19                          

One may concede violence as the LAST means of justice, if you can guarantee that NO innocent will be your victim!

29 April 19                        

ACTS OF DESPERATION suggest that you are in trouble.
Decency indicates a degree of confidence and control.

29 April 19                        

The only true measure of #SUCCESS is how fairer, more just and civilized you bequeathed the world than the one you inherited

29 April 19                        

A deeply personal challenge all conscientious people face:
to condone or to punish the unfairness of those very dear to us

29 April 19                        

Yes it is possible to fool a lot of people, for a lot of time - with their cooperation!

1 May 19                           

Punish but only to educate. Be smart to recognize cunning & meanness but ignore, if harmless. Finally, forgive - but don't forget.

4 May 19                           

In arrogant, ignorant societies, hypocrisy and cunning are needed more than purity and #truthfulness to survive and succeed

4 May 19                           

You can tell the culture of a society by the caliber of its leadership

5 May 19                           

Hold the mouse over a bird to enlarge its picture and listen to its call.
Courtesy: Hansadhwani Prateeksha

5 May 19                           

If you don't like love, power, sex, health, wealth...you are either an angel, or a hypocrite. If you do, how are we two different?

7 May 19                           

presents a bleak picture: mass extinction of species of animals and plants due to human activities

8 May 19                           

"Today, the theory of evolution is an accepted fact
for everyone but a fundamentalist minority,
whose objections are based not on reasoning
but on doctrinaire adherence to religious principles."
—JAMES WATSON, Nobel Prize-winning biologist
and co-discoverer of DNA's structure

8 May 19                           

A widespread #beliefis more likely to befoolish than sensible
- Bertrand Russell

17 May 19                         

Kisi ka ek She'r [A Couplet]
Na tum ho ghaib ke aalim, na man bhedi, na paalanhar / Tumhe maaloom kya kis se Khuda kya kaam leta hai
[Neither are you the knower of unknowable, nor the mind reader, nor the nurturer / What would you know what tasks God entrusts to whom]

19 May 19                         

From a sociological perspective #religions must have evolved to civilize us. Now, they are used to turn us brutes.

19 May 19                         

#Success in such times can be merely a matter of the thickness of your skin!

20 May 19                         

We live in two very different worlds: first, the ideal but illusory, the other bigoted but real. The former must accept the latter

21 May 19                         

For something to come to mean everything nothing else should matter

23 May 19                         

If I succeed, it is my supporters - and the system - that fail. Fortunately, only my opponents happen to know the difference!

24 May 19                         

Courtesy: Sam Siddiqui
A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.
- Robert A Heinlein

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